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What happens when a player falls over?

A player recently asked: "Can you help, as I couldn’t find an answer in any web page. What happens when a player falls over?

My squash opponent (neither of us are anything other than casual players of very limited standard) fell over today. He hadn’t tied his shoes properly… his foot came out of his shoe and his sock slipped and he fell over and lost the point. I won the next point, too, which meant I won the game leveling the games at 2-2. I in no way caused his slip. He eventually beat me 4 games to 3.

What do you think? Thanks for any help you can give".


The rules are fairly clear: If your opponent fell over due to no fault of yours, and you continue to win the point, then you keep the point. The decision depends entirely on who caused the fall/injury.
PS A match is usually the first player to win 3 games not 4.

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